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In this course, I will show you a personal example of how I built my personal brand on social media and how you can also make yours. Moreover, I will teach you how you can make great designs with less effort & time which can increase your productivity and revenue. In today's digital world where most of our time is spent on social media platforms, getting the attention that we deserve can be very challenging. For this purpose, we all should be very focused on branding and design components to make the best out of all social media platforms and our digital marketing campaigns. I will teach you whatever I have learned from working with global customers, the best practices, and some useful hacks. In this in-depth course of Branding & Design Fundamentals, you will get a chance to learn the basic components of branding & design to achieve highly improved results on social media. I will tell you how to brand a business & focus on your personal branding. We will also discuss how branding can help you in getting a job & business leads.

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Overview & Basics of Brands

  • What are Brands 10min 8sec

Utilizing social media for personal branding.

  • Importance of a Personal Brand 1min 36sec
  • Personal Branding on Social Media 5min 56sec

Branding a business or for jobs

  • Branding for Jobs 5min 48sec
  • Branding a Business 5min 45sec

Design basics & Canva tool.

  • Rules of Designing Well 7min 30sec
  • Design Basics Examples 12min 41sec
  • Designing on Canva Tutorial 20min 25sec

Key takeaways

  • Conclusion 5min 13sec
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About Expert

Sheikh Sajawal

CEO Digital Dastak | Digital Marketing Specialist

Sajawal is the Director & Digital Marketing Expert at Digital Dastak, a full-service Digital Marketing company servicing small-scale startups to private & government organizations. 🎖️ He is a Google & Facebook Ads Specialist who loves creating profitable campaigns focusing on increasing profitability and reducing the customer acquisition cost. A Media Buying Specialist & Digital Growth Strategist helping multiple e-commerce and services-based businesses in scaling. 🚀 Sajawal is an entrepreneur, public speaker, and digital marketer with a very dynamic market experience of 4 years, who combines the power of social media, web design, branding, data analysis, behavioral psychology, and digital media advertising to make any business a success on the digital front. 🏆 Sajawal is closely associated with the startup ecosystem & his mission is to empower small & medium businesses through technology. He loves to talk, network & collaborate.


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  • Graphics Designer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Personal Branding Pro
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15+ enrolled on this course